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type User implements Sortable {
sortID: SortID
dapperID: String!
email: String!
flowAddress: String
username: String
profileImageUrl: String
twitterHandle: String
segmentID: String
country: String
city: String
topshotScore: Int


sortID ● SortID scalar

dapperID ● String! non-null scalar

email ● String! non-null scalar

flowAddress ● String scalar

username ● String scalar

profileImageUrl ● String scalar

twitterHandle ● String scalar

segmentID ● String scalar

country ● String scalar

city ● String scalar

topshotScore ● Int scalar


Sortable interface

Member of

BuyDescription object ● CodexSet object ● DynamicLeaderboardActions object ● FastBreakLeader object ● MintedMoment object ● Offer object ● SetChaser object ● UserMomentListing object ● Users object

Implemented by

MomentOwner union ● NftOwner union