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NBA Top Shot Developer Docs

Learn from the developer resources below and build solutions for hundreds of thousands of NBA Top Shot Collectors!

Flow Blockchain

Top Shot is built on the Flow Blockchain. If you are not already familiar with Flow, you can find additional information at Flow's Developer Portal.

Account Linking Early Access

Calling all developers! Sign up today to get early access account linking and test it out first hand.

Account Linking FAQ

Checkout the offical account lining FAQ to answer some frequently asked questions on how to get started.

Tutorials by Emerald Academy

Looking to build on NBA Top Shot? Check out tutorials from Emerald Academy and start bringing your idea to life.

Official Discord

Learn from others, ask questions and more in the official NBA Top Shot Discord Channel.

NBA Top Shot Smart Contracts

View official NBA Top Shot smart contracts on Github and learn more about its core functionality.

Intro to Cadence

Learn the language that powers NBA Top Shot and build your own dapp along side it with this tutorial Intro to Cadence.